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Sound Quality of HD Tracks High Resolution Downloads (DVD-Audio vs SACD sources)

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Obviously I am doing a little bit of apples and oranges comparisons because I am comparing two (or more) different albums source from different masterings and so on but has anyone noticed or felt that the recent Warner Brothers titles available from HD Tracks that had a previous life at DVD-Audio discs sound better than those HD Track titles that were previously SACD titles?


I hear a more open, detailed and dynamic sound in all cases. This is not an opinion that one is good and the others are bad but definitely that the titles now being seen from Warner Brothers as high resolution downloads are better than those from Universal as an example that were also released as SACDs.


I wonder if anyone else is hearing this or shares this opinion. If so I wonder why this is so as it does seem to be across the board to me from diverse albums (primarily pop/rock and some jazz titles) from many artists.


I would also say that a few titles I have gotten that to my knowledge were never before available in any high resolution format (Esperanza Spaulding, Gregg Allman) also sound excellent and better than those ‘SACD sourced’ titles (The Rolling Stones, etc).


Again my comparison and opinion is not based on good versus bad but good versus better sounding. I am not unhappy with those other high resolution titles but curious about what and why I am hearing these differences.


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