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I've been listening to a lot of Tool lately. For anyone who has never listened to them, here is a link to a list of bands that are similar so you can get an idea of what they sound like



There are two songs in particular I'd like to share with you guys though and they're both off of the album "10,000 days". The songs are "Wings for Marie (pt.1) and "10,000 days" which is part 2 of Wings for Marie. Listen to the song and you get a real idea of the work put into making the music. The dynamics, the flow.. Everything fits so perfectly. I enjoyed the songs more than I ever had listening to them through surround sound but I know they sound amazing in stereo as well.


Please let me know what you guys think of the songs.


As I'm new here I'm not sure if it's customary to link to the songs or not. Youtube will almost surely not be able to provide the greatest quality but I'll put links to the songs anyways so you can preview them at least


Wings for Marie

10,000 Days


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Thank you for the suggestions. As of yet I only own "Lateralus" and "AEnima" and both are very well recorded and brilliantly performed. There are many good progressive rock/metal bands out there in the same vein but unfortunately only few have access to equipment to produce such quality recordings. It is thus essential to support those lesser known groups as well as to enable them to match the sound quality too sometime...


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Yet one more reason I love this site!



Tool fans!


Big fan here, and yup those are good songs. I also find Lateralus, from the album with the same name to sound quite nice when played back on my system.


I'm with Chris as well, anytime they're ready to release more, i'll buy it.






Edit: chris, how do i rotate my avatar? It was correct when i uploaded it. Thanks.


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@Sik: 10,000 Days and Aenima are my two favorite albums by Tool, with Lateralus as number 3. I'd definitely recommend the whole album.

Also, Aenima is one of my favorite songs by them :)


I'm glad that others here have heard of Tool. I think I'm going to make another thread with a list of bands people should listen to instead of just one (multi-task and save from cluttering up the forum with lots of new threads). I was wondering, though, if the links to Youtube were useful or if you guys have a better method for previewing music?


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I too think Tool is awesome and I concur with the same three albums others have listed as their favorites. My question regards the surround mixes of these albums. I think Aenima was a DVD-A if I remember correctly and I believe I have seen some bootlegs of 10000 days in DTS but are there more legitimate surround mixes of these three albums, particularly Lateralus? I have yet to see or hear that one in surround. I mistakenly labeled a backup I'd made of a DVD I lost moving so I can't remember which album it is! Pretty sure it was Aenima though. Anyone know if they did any of these as DTS CDs or DVDs? I've got the stereo versions. Also are there any high res sources for these albums at all? It seems the Japanese have a somewhat thriving market of SHM-SACD releases of current music but they are somewhat out of this world once you convert them into american cashola. 50 bucks an album for anything is just out of my league. It had better do more than surround for 50 bucks. It better take me somewhere and it better not be some up sampled garbage!!!


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Well as the TOS says nothing about torrents I'm going to make an assumption that the mention of them isn't against site rules (though it may have just been forgotten, or posted somewhere else?). I have seen a FLAC discography for Tool on a torrenting website. As I'm not sure on the communities view on torrents themselves I won't post a link or say the name of the site. As for the surround sound recordings, well I'm not too sure either. I will say that I listened to the FLAC 10,000 Days (average bitrate around 800) and it sounded like it could be surround sound, though I'm not sure if I've ever actually heard true surround sound music on anything other than a DVD (that wasn't played on my set up) so don't take my word for it.



Question that's off topic but something you touched on: how can you tell if a track has been up sampled? Are there certain characteristics in the quality? Or is it just an obvious lack of being better?


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Not my area of expertise I am afraid. I just asked the same question on a thread regarding the Warner release of Out of Time by REM. As the album was released around 91 I just wondered where they got the 24/192 recording from and if that high a sampling rate was even being used at that time by recording engineers. The 24/96 I can see being implemented in that time period. I also was commenting on the Depeche Mode DTS 24/96 releases which are clearly up sampled as the music from the early early 80s was often being archived at 16 bits. And did such capabilities exist in say 1982? I guess there isn't much way too tell unless something sounds suspicious to you. If it doesn't clearly trump what you have heard on CD either the CD was extremely well mixed, or there may be some weirdness going on. FWIW I found some parts of Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings latest sounds like the CD, others have a more analog sound. The higher resolution doesn't always translate into better sound, it just has the potential to exploit sound in a better way and CAN result in better sound if the source is also of quality. I believe that you can talk about bootlegs and such on here but I would think you have the correct assumption about not linking to copyrighted materials or encouraging people to outright steal music from torrents. We all know it goes on but in the interest of this site I'd think all talk of that kinda stuff should be extremely limited just so this site continues to thrive and attract decent sorts of folks.


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@Amused: I think that's a good idea :) haha


@Bleedink: I'll have to say that a lot of the more technical side of your post went over my head. Up until a few months ago I had never even listened to anything other than CD rips and MP3s, so I'm not entirely sure what "24/96" means. I know it's a type of recording or format but passed that my best guess has something to do with bit depth or something? I won't make a fool of myself guessing any further though haha


And yeah, I assumed so with the torrenting and such. I'm all for supporting artists, big and small, and wouldn't try to talk anyone into using torrents :)


Thank you for your reply, at least, what I understood of it haha. I'll have to do more research on the parts I didn't quite get though


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