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This may seem stupid to some....

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Since I haven't actually put together a comp music server system yet...as I am weighing everything out...one question comes to mind.


When ripping with EAC....do you relabel all the songs after they are ripped into your library...or just the LP title? I noticed that EAC always lists rips without the CD text.





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http://www.lunetta.net/lossless/#eac-config , you should find all you need to know about configuring EAC to give the track info you want, and lots of other useful stuff.


It can seem a bit daunting, but once you sit and tackle it should go smothly.



EDIT - What format are you ripping in...?


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Thanks for the link.


Well I haven't made that decision yet...as I don't want to do anything yet until I get all the facts correct as to what ways are best to setup a digital media server system to play on my HT setup.


I was assuming wav would be the way to go...but don't know for sure yet. Flac may be the best way from what I have read so far.


I have downloaded foobar2K....but I haven't had a chance to play witn it yet.


I just finished spending a fair load on some new gear...as we lost some in a fire...and the restoration company(servpro) damaged some as well.


So this project is in the works...but financing will be slower.


I have thought about splurging for a PS3...as I heard it will work as a music server, which in turn gets me a Blueray player and a gaming machine...though I'm not really a gamer.


Other thoughts( the cheapskate in me) have been to grab one of my old comps and park it with the HT setup...use the plasma as the monitor...and run the tunes straight into the system...but with a better sound card....or get one with a digital out.





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