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Good tracks with double bass ("stand up bass")


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Any good recs for some well recorded music featuring good double bass tracks? Just discovered this site. I'm trying to finish piecing together my setup and trying to build up a good lossless music collection. Thanks for any input! Glad I found this place!





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There are many great jazz bass players. What kind of music are you interested in? I think anyone would find most of Charlie Haden's albums fine--try the Montreal tapes (they are all good; I especially like the the one with Paul Bley), or the several duet albums--Haden and Hampton Hawes perhaps my favorite. The solo album by Dave Holland is great. There is a young guy named Stephen Crump, who plays with the Vijay Iyre quartet. He has led a couple of albums, with a guitar player (can't remember his name) that is well worth hearing. If you like stuff that is a little more demanding, all of the albums by Mike Bisio and William Parker are fantastic, but mostly out there. Bisio's Undulations and Parker's Sound Unity or his duos with Hamid Drake are on the tamer side. I was just listening to a great duo album--Luminesence by Daniel Carter and Rueben Rading. If you can deal with really far out stuff, take a listen to Peter Kowald, Was Ist Das. And then, of course, there is Charlie Mingus. You might have to go to Downtown Music Gallery's excellent site to find some of these. They provide excellent, extended comments written by the DMG staff on most albums.


I can give you more if you are interested. I could file thru my collection and give you bass solo, duo, and quartet albums, and some of the earlier great bass players--Oscar Pettiford, for example.




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many years ago someone made me a cassette themed on exactly this topic: i supsect he might have done it just to expose the supremacy of his nakamichi dragon...


don't know if these tracks are all available as hi-def download versions but, from memory, here are some of them:


carmel : tracks of my tears [live version from the 12" but the album version is ok..]

abdullah ibrahim: Ishmael [both versions, on the album bunyana - children of africa]

scritti politi: rock-a-boy blue [from the album songs to remember]


and some more recent tracks from me:


4 hero + Chris Bowden: hero / lullaby 12

roni size: brown paper bag [from the album new forms]

massive attack: sly [the underdog mix and the underdog double bass, accapella mix versions]

madlib: mystic bounce [from the madlib invades blue-note lp]


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Mikyung Sung's "The Colburn Sessions (double album, 2023) is stunning. Easily the best bowed (classical) double bass solo playing I've ever heard - gorgeous, exciting, engaging, moving, tender, and expressive.


(There are lots of other good classical bassists besides the now-retired Gary Karr these days. He was a great, great pioneer of the instrument, but I wouldn't consider him the best any more.)

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Moonlight Serenade - Laurindo Almeida & Ray Brown

Appreciation of audio is a completely subjective human experience. Measurements can provide a measure of insight, but are no substitute for human judgment. Why are we looking to reduce a subjective experience to objective criteria anyway? The subtleties of music and audio reproduction are for those who appreciate it. Differentiation by numbers is for those who do not." — Nelson Pass

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