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Metadata for itunes


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I am hoping someone can help me get metadata for iTunes if possible. I have downloaded some concerts from Archive.org that are FLAC files and put them into their own folders. I also download a xml file with the shows and put it in the same folder. When I convert the files with Fluke I was hoping the meta file would go with them, and I would get the song names but that does not seem to be happening. Does anyone have any suggestions?





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on this one as i may use an apple solution at some point, and will have to convert from flac files.




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Fluke uses a hack to get Flac into iTunes, so Metadata won't be quite right no matter what you do. That said I doubt there is software to stick the xml metadata into itunes.


If the flac files themselves already have the correct metadata as well then you can use Max to convert them to AIFF and your metadata should transfer over.



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