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15 minutes ago, austinpop said:

I've been listening to the new 25th anniversary remaster of Buena Vista Social Club.




On first listen, this new version seems to have slightly better SQ than the DVDA 24/96 from 2000. Not a huge jump, but subtly better. The second disc of bonus tracks is mildly interesting.

Source please!





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25 minutes ago, JoeWhip said:

Flat transfer of the master tape DSD64 played as 24/176.4. Fantastic.




Where can I get this, Joe?

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4 hours ago, kumakuma said:


Where can I get this, Joe?

Acoustic Sounds sells the Japanese SHM SACD. 

I think there was another Esoteric Japanese SACD of it. 

One or both  might be available at Japanese sites.

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On 9/19/2021 at 2:52 PM, SuperVesnak said:



Love this cover!


Covering some bands is really difficult, IMO Metallica does Metallica best (and they probably know it) so I guess they said to the musicians participating in this project: it cannot sound like Metallica..

It is cheap and all money goes to charities.

And it is better than one might expect (24-96).


Metallica: The Metallica Blacklist Album Review | Pitchfork

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