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14 hours ago, austinpop said:

Just released. Liking it on first listen...



My impression:

Some really great singing in part 2, but weird tempo choices and a lack of mystery…

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Acapella Audio Arts High Cellini speakers; Ayon Audio Auris II preamp; Ayon Audio Orthos II XS mono blocks

dCS Vivldi CD/SACD; MSB Premiere DAC (for hi-res files/streaming); Transrotor Apollon TMD turntable; Clearaudio Titanium v2 cartridge

Stax SR-009S/Stax SRM-T8000 headphone system; Nordost Tyr 2 speaker cables and interconnects

HP Omen laptop>JRiver MC24>DAC in Esoteric; 

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21 hours ago, Jud said:

Was gifted a new portable DAC for my birthday.  Picked this pretty much at random to listen to, and my god I'd almost forgotten how very, very much I love this album.



Flying Cowboys.jpg


Happy birthday & happy listening 🎂



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And now for ..something a little different. IMO the best metal album in a long time.



Album Review: GOJIRA Fortitude

What’s true of all the evils in the world is true of plague as well.
It helps men to rise above themselves.
  ―  Albert Camus, The Plague.


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