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1 hour ago, WAM said:

Never listen to Live at the IT Club, must check it out. Now listening to




From all music.com review "Although often unrightfully maligned by self-proclaimed "purists," Thelonious Monk did some brilliant work during his early- to mid-'60s stint for Columbia Records. It's Monk's Time (1964) contains some of the best -- if not arguably the best -- studio sides that the pianist cut during his final years as a recording musician. "

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Tonight it is a Bach performance from St. Martin’s In The Fields in London via their subscription service. Shot in 4K. The sound steamed through my 2 channel system gives me goosebumps. I have attended tons of concerts there and this sound is almost like being there, bravo.



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4 hours ago, firedog said:

If you are a "purist", don't listen. If you like great music played in an inspired way by great musicians, take a listen:



Anthony Braxton is a unique musician. His output, starting from the late 60's, is incredible in volume, much of his works has no analogues in modern music, and almost everything is very interesting. This particular album is one of the most accessible ones and is very good.

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1 hour ago, austinpop said:

Vladimir Jurowski is another of my favorite Mahlerian conductors.



This is stunningly good. Thanks for flagging it.


sonicTransporter i9 > opticalRendu > T+A DAC 8 DSD > Primare PRE35 > Primare A35.2 > PSB Synchrony Two speakers + REL T/9i subwoofers

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