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One of my favorite blues albums.



I have dementia. I save all my posts in a text file I call Forums.  I do a search in that file to find out what I said or did in the past.


I still love music.



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1 hour ago, JoeWhip said:

Johnny Hartman, Once in Every Life. Last piece of vinyl I have ever bought from AP. Did a stellar needle drop of it at 24/96. Johnny is hanging there right in front of you. Then time for a nappy.


Extraordinary album. *****Stars


I have the needle drop from the original LP, DSD rip from the AP SACD and now I found the CD from Amazon.







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1 hour ago, rando said:


I'm curious what "🔉DJWGA-CAPTUREON" is in this screenshot?

ahh just my laptop Dns name (at the time it was supposed to be CAPTUREONE Photo Editing software..but windows decided to lose the E) 

 i run Spotify/etc or HPQ🙂 on a laptop

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