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Jae Sinnett is an NPR DJ out of Hampton Virginia who plays some groovy drums. Love this swinging bop disc (The Sinnett Hearings) although it is obscure and not available on quality streaming services. Best I could find is this:




MacMini Quad i7/Audirvana Plus 3.5/DigiOne Signature Player/MSB Gold Link III DAC (external Monolithic PS)/Aragon Palladium 1 amplifiers/Stacked Energy 22 speakers (Reference Connoisseur on bottom & Pro 22 on top) set tweeter to tweeter/Kimber Monocle XL speaker wires/stereo Mordaunt Short 309 subwoofers

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Meitner ma1 v2 dac,  Sovereign preamp and power amp,

DIY speakers with scan speak illuminator drivers.

Under development:

NUC7i7dnbe, Euphony Stylus

EtherRegen, Clock modded Isoregen, Lush^2

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