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On 8/31/2019 at 12:07 PM, mourip said:



I have listened to this endlessly lately. Lively, upbeat, interesting...


Thanks for the recommendation!  Listening to it right now on Qobuz.  Tremendous music.

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7 hours ago, Hugo9000 said:

@randoHaydn was a "pop act" in his day, but I think his only F-word was forte!  We have some serious name-dropping on the album cover, however--look at the work title haha!  :D 


There are musicians of great caliber that gain recognition within their own lifetime who live among nobility.  Then there are musicians who briefly attain surreal adoration providing entertainment to the masses and fade into obscurity.  Even in the earlier centuries a gap existed between popular and poptart, sacred and profane.  ;)



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