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Please help me with Bryston DAC solutions!

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I have been looking at DAC solutions for a while and saw CA's great review for Bryston's BDA-1.


While looking to test that Bryston, I noted that Bryston also sells an integrated amp with an internal DAC (B100-SST), which appears to be a good, reasonably priced and simple solution


- Has anyone used the B100-SST and be willing to share his or her experience?

- It appears that the onboard DAC was a $1,000 option at release but has become standard equipment in Europe; is it also standard equipment in the US?

- How good is the B100-SST's onboard DAC? Does the BDA-1 blow it away with respect to sound, jitter control, resolution, inputs, etc.? Is the B100 max resolution just 24/96?






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Hi There,


The B100 DAC is an option. Some distributors buy the DAC included but there is the option available.


The DAC in the B100 is an earlier version of the Crystal DAC in the BDA-1. The DAC in the B100 SST can only accept 4 inputs - 2 optical and 2-SPDIF whereas the External BDA-1 DAC can have up to 8 inputs and a large variety of different sources(AESEUB, USB, SPDIF, BNC, Optical).


The DAC in the B100 upsamples to 96/24 whereas the BDA-1 has the option of upsampling but can also accept native digital bitstreams up to 192/24.


Hope this helps.





James Tanner[br]Bryston

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