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HDTracks: How do they sound so far?

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I downloaded my first HDTracks 24/96 album yesterday (Steely Dan's "Gaucho") on my MacBook Pro via Max.


As I don't have an external DAC yet (I will be getting mine in September), I'd love to hear some reviews about the sound quality of some albums off of HDTracks. I'm particularly interested to hear about "Gaucho", Rush's "Moving Pictures", The Moody Blues "Days of Future Passed", The Alan Parsons Project's "I, Robot", and Paul McCartney & Wings "Band On The Run". I'm very much into "the Dan", Parsons, Pink Floyd, Rush, anything Beatles and "Beatles-Gone-Solo", as well as contemporary (instrumental) jazz.


Thanks -- feel free to chime in!




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I can't comment on any of the albums you've listed, but I have a few albums from HD Tracks and I'm very pleased.


My favorite so far (sonically and artistically) is Esperanza Spalding's "Chamber Music Society".


It's refreshing on so many levels. It has a dynamic range that's uncommon these days and she creates a wonderful contrast with her beautiful feminine voice and the depth of her bass.


This one is a no-brainer.


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"step by step" guides and such (Chris had already had one as a video, as you found out) but one thing you need to get familiar with is the "search" capabilities of the forum. We have literally hundreds of posts about HDtracks albums...take a look, peruse, learn. It's fun, it really is.


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Some of my better finds are from elsewhere. I'd recommend any of these. Do a find on this website on how to rip DVDa. This does not exactly match the choices you listed in your question, but hopefully it helps.


Tom Petty Mojo - bought the Blu Ray and got the 24/48 download

McCartney - Band on the Run - direct from McCartney's web site. Note that McCartney 1 and 2 are coming soon.

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - direct from GH website.

Trey Anestasio - from the DVDa - Amazon

Beatles Love - from the DVDa - Amazon

Mark Knopfler - Philadelphia and Shangrila - from the DVDa - Amazon

Grateful Dead - Workingman's and American Beauty - from the DVDa - harder to find - Ebay

David Crosby - If only I could remember my name - from DVDa - Amazon

Ry Cooder - Buena Vista Social Club - from the DVDa - harder to find - Ebay

Donald Fagan - Morph the Cat and Nightfly - from the DVDa - Amazon or Ebay

Steely Dan - Everything must go - from the DVDa - Amazon

John Mellancamp - Love, Death and Freedom - from the CD/DVD - Amazon

Porcupine Tree - Stupid Dream - from the CD/DVDa - Amazon


From HDTracks

Paul Simon - So Beautiful or so What

Beck - Sea Change - highly recommended

Stones - Beggar's Banquet and Let it Bleed (Beggars sounds better to my ears)

David Johansen - Shaker - highly recommended


I think the Steely Dan Gaucho from HDTracks is an example of an upsampled CD. Same deal with the DVDa. Probably no better than the CD which is very good.


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