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JRiver 15 DLNA Settings - Requesting Help For New Device

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I just installed a new Cambridge Audio NP 30 Network Music Player as a DLNA device for my main home stereo. My office PC is the JRiver 15 server running Windows 7. This is the first time I have attempted wireless bridging to the main stereo. In JRiver, I simply enabled "sharing media with other DLNA devices," but there are a host of other JRiver settings that I do not know how to optimize. I want to stream full 44.1 to 96k flac files to the NP 30. It recognized the JRiver server, but currently downsamples files to 320K. I think this may be in the JRiver settings.


Could someone please let me know how to optimize the various JRiver settings for full wireless throughput of 44.1 to 99k files to a recognized DLNA receiver? Thanks!


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