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Latest generation ipod classic and docking station advice

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OK, not really an "audiophile" question some would argue, but one of the advantages of having moved over to a Mac-based system is the compatability with ipods, etc. A couple of quick Qs.


1. I have heard rumours that the latest (5th?) generation ipod classic does not sound that good - is this true?

2. Has anyone any recommendations on docking stations with speakers, etc (for use outside my main system - in kitchen, etc). I have heard Logitech are very good and they are competitively priced.


Many thanks




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Hi Phil - Don't worry about a "non-audiophile" question. This certainly isn't a place where snobby dealers will ignore you for enjoying music on something other than Wilson Alexandria X2 speakers.


1. I have heard the same things about almost all iPods. It's hard to get everyone to agree about the sound of different generations of iPods. Who knows, it may also have something to do with the earphones in use. Maybe one generation sounds better with certain earphones. I have several different generations of iPods and the sound differences to me are not enough to matter. My iPods don't drive my main audio system :-) I do listen through a pair of Ultimate Ears ue11 Pro earphones and still enjoy the sound from each iPod. One thing I recommend is not to listen while it's attached to a computer or power source. The sound can be awful!


2. I'm currently reviewing the Focal XS iPod dock / desktop music solution. It really sounds great.


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