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Audio playback software VLC media player

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Having just downloaded the HQ desktop player and used it I was impressed with the quality of the programm it playes High re formats and you can open up audio file libarys.


I was happy with the tonal qualitys of the software, but it is a 30 day demo and so I checked out the price of the full version and suprised to find out the price of the player 99 euros, this in my opion is far to high a price to pay.


So for those reading this you may want a free alternative its called a VLC media player and can be downloaded at www.videolan.org, its a basic player without bells and whistles but it plays back Flac Wav and any 24bit content you may have, it plays back DVD AVI files as well.


To charge that ammount of money on a media interface is absurd when there is no loss of quality with VLC which won't cost you a penny, I,m not saying I was not prepeard to pay at all to HQ but that ammount.




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It is interesting people are still willing to pay much higher $$$ for hardware, even though for software the amount of time for R&D is higher than for something like a DAC. (BOM for a consumer electronics device is at most roughly 10% of the sales price)


People can try to guess how many licenses I would have to sell to cover roughly four man years of R&D at that price (and yes, I do have bunch of already existing IP not included). And it would be just catch-up at that point. It also good to count that in Europe roughly 75% of the end price is taxes.


VLC won't provide you with any of the processing capabilities though...


Signalyst - Developer of HQPlayer

Pulse & Fidelity - Software Defined Amplifiers

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You make some valid points but what can HQ that VLC can't what I'm I missing I,m not saying HQ is a poor product, its a very good product I don't thinkits worth the money to justifi the diffrence.


Could you clear up the main diffrences.


Mayby I need to explore its cabibilties a bit more but I would find it difficult to pay £100 for it even though it would be my default player so I did enjoy the preformance.


I,m also not suggesting you or anyone else not sell their product for nothing but I don't think its reaonably priced but would it not be of benefit if you had 2 versions of the software one for basic playback for say £15 with the option to upgrade for a higher price.




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Just to add as you owm HQ you put a lot of work into somthing thats an exellent product and I would highly recommend this software to one and all.


If you could also have a download H quality album site connected to the HQ player like I tunes, I store, that would be fantastic I have often wondered if you could set up A system where people could upload their CD collecton and have then A site where you could pay so much an album but you would be discounted on the amount you provided. A kind of Napster but high quality downloads.




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