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Best Firewire Cable between Computer and DAC

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Hi Guys,


searching the forum I found a similar topic on USB cables but nothing on Firewire.

I want to relocate my amp and dac to a place further away from my desk so I will need a longer firewire cable. The cable will have to be 6-7m long. Any suggestions anyone?

Would a cable of that length limit the sound quality?


Thanks in advance!


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The "official" answer is that Firewire cables must not exceed 4.5m for any type of high bandwidth application (i.e. high resolution audio). The "unofficial" answer is that certain Firewire cables can be used without issue. I just ordered a 10m Unibrain cable from Amazon/Buy.com for $30:




Details from the manufacturer are available here:



Sanjay Patel | Ciamara Corporation | New York, NY | www.ciamara.com

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