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Mac and Sample Rate Converter

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Hey Chris,


I just wanted to update you and all who come here to get the latest about how things have been going. I had been having some troubles getting my Reference Recordings HRx files loaded onto my Mac Mini while I was trying out the Mini DAC from Apogee Digital. Anyway, I had mentioned how I was able to change the sample rate converter on the fly and how when it changed the new SRC was indicated on the display of the Mini DAC. Your comment to this was I had to exit iTunes before the SRC rate would change.


Well, I had been listening to the HRx recordings the night before. I came back the next day and turned on the Mac Mini, opened iTunes and listened to conventional 44K recordings. The display on the Mini DAC indicated 176K and I was getting great sound. So, I tried the other settings:44.1, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192 each time exiting iTunes then re-launching it. All of the settings played great music without any distortion or problems and the selected SRC was indicated on the Mini DAC display. So then I tried switching the SRC in Audio Midi on the fly without closing iTunes. Same result. Same great sound.


So I just wanted to pass this along as an FYI.






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