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QSA-Lanedri Gamma Infinity BNC digital cable

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QSA-Lanedri Gamma Infinity BNC digital cable


Bought 1 year ago. In perfect condition. I have 2 of them , 
used with the Audiowise SRC-DX, for a Chord Dave. 


150 cm.length. Original bag available


These cables are treated with QSA-technology, and are 
experienced to be the best high-end audio cables available.
They are endorsed by famous HighEnd critics and users. For more 
information, discussion and user experience you may look at their
forum on Whatsbestforum. On Stereotimes is also a review.


I`m selling some of my Qsa-Lanedri cables cause I`m gonna make my
system a lot more simple with the new Taiko server.


I bought these cables during the introduction of QSA Lanedri, 
so my prices are very interesting if you like these amazing
technology. Official price is 4000 dollar (plus taxes), I`m asking
2000 dollar each, and 3500 for both.


If you like to see mine feedback, you may look at the Dutch website
"Marktplaats", where this same add is on. 


Serious offers are welcome.


Thanks for Looking, Regards from Holland








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