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Neophyte question about amps and speakers

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I will be running my new system (yet to buy it) -- Mac Mini or iMac through a Sonos. I auditioned an old Cyrus amp playing some big AE floorstanding speakers and the sound was brilliant -- very full, rich and bright -- brought a big smile to my face :-) Then the bad news. Last week I discovered I would only be able to use bookshelf speakers (max depth 350mm) on bookshelves (not stands). It's going to be in a big room too. I listened to some systems on Saturday and I was so disappointed. None had big sound I craved.


Is there a way, ideally without using a sub-woofer, that I can get that sound back? If anyone can recommend a setup (amp, speakers (and maybe, optionally a CD)) for say under £2k, maybe £2.5k I would be very grateful! I'd be happy enough to buy new or used kit. (Note that money will all be for the new system, not the Sonos, etc). I can live without the CD.



Ben Marks


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Sorry you have to use bookshelves to encase speakers. I've read that the worst place to sit bookshelf speakers is in a bookshelf. If you can manage to use stands and place the monitors away from your walls that would be far better sonically. Harbeth makes excellent small monitors; but again, they need room to breath to sound their best.




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Annoyingly, I'm not going to be able to use stands. Here are some things I'd be prepared to consider. Any thoughts what might work best? Add a subwoofer (prefer not to), bi-amp speakers, buy AVI 9.1s which are active speakers -- perhaps with the subwoofer. Will these get me closer to the 'real thing' I mentioned? Any thoughts?


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Unfortunately, you'll give up quite a bit by putting your bookshelf speakers in a bookshelf. I don't have much to offer, but if you get ported loudspeakers, then I think you'd want the port in front.


I'm sure you've considered it, but if the problem is having these out into the room, do you have space so that they could be snugged into the corner? In that case there are a few speakers that can handle this. For example look at this room is setup -- from one of the Stereophile show reports. http://www.stereophile.com/content/audio-note-arming-natives



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Have you considered in/on wall speakers such as PMC Wafers






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