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Up for sale is a powerful power REGENERATOR 

This unit put out the same power as the P20 when connected via a 15 amp power cord.


The unit is in very good condition, as can be verified by the attached pictures. Appear as new unless a very close inspection is performed. Some swirls on the glossy top like all PS Audio equipment has.


I had P10, then P12, then this P15. Now, I'm going higher. Each time, I heard improvements. The new model line (P12, P15, P20) is way better than the old (P3, P5, P10). Newer models have lower impedance and FPGA sine wave generator based on pure, clean, analog DSD (PDM).


From the manufacturer:


Purify, protect, regulate, and rebuild unrestricted new power from old with the P15, our second most powerful AC regenerator.

The DirectStream P15 Power Plant is the gold standard for safety, reliability, and high-performance AC power regeneration. The P15 improves micro and macro dynamics, audio purity, instrumental separation, soundstage width and depth, and lowers background noise for any connected equipment. From medium to large power amplifiers to the smallest pieces of source equipment, the P15 will work magic on your system’s performance. Don’t starve your music or risk damaging your equipment. A P15 gives you greatly improved performance and safety from just plugging into the wall socket and far better dynamics, bass, and a much bigger, open soundstage than any power conditioner on the market.


Comes in the original box with white gloves, power cord, remote, documentation.










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