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Paul Hynes SR7 DRMR2XL

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Type: PSU Linear power supply + 2 DC cables
Brand: Paul Hynes
Model and options: SR7 DRMR2XL
Shipping option: UPS
Shipping cost: €50 EU other countries please ask
Condition: Excellent / like new
First hand : yes
Invoice available: yes
Date, of purchase: 12/2019 
Warranty and expiry date: -
Serial number: on request
Original packaging retained: no
Documentation retained : -
Located : France
Asking price : 2900 $

this is the top-of-the-range model that Paul Hynes had ever produced.

SR7: most powerful series produced ( SR3- SR4- SR5 - SR7)
DR: Dual Rail > two outputs two high-performance regulators in cascade for residual noise < 150 dB
MR : Multi Rail > two outputs per transformer
2: 2 transformers
XL: ultra-low impedance (OCC silver wiring)

Output 1: 12V - 11 A
Output 2: 19V - 7 A
Output 3: 12V - 8 A
Output 4: 19V - 5 A

Full-power operation of two rails only: rail 1 or 2 and rail 3 or 4

each output voltage is adjustable by internal potentiometer
12V outputs adjustable from 4 to 14V
19V outputs adjustable from 12 to 19 V




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