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VNC Vista on iPad


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I've been asking about this for my MacBookAir already but was never successful in implementing It. So I gave up.


Now, I have an iPad and I would like to be able to control JRiverMC on It from my Vista desktop.


My guess is a VNC solution would be It. I tried UltraVNC already (on my desktop for the Air) but It was wayyy too complicated for me and I never was able to make It work.


Is there a VNC solution out there that works seamlessly with an iPad (from a Vista machine) and that is EASY to set up and perhaps have a technical support even?


The one that worked great as far as installation goes was LogMeIn but It was far from being seamless and pleasant to use on a daily basis.


Any suggestions? Or/and anyone patient enough to help me set It all up?








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I use the (Wyse) PocketCloud App on my Ipad to control my Windows 7 machine.


You have to install the pocketcloud client software on your PC and set the IP address of the PC in the App of the iPad.


The only issue you might have to solve is that you need to set a password for Windows.

Most users logon to Windows automaticly without any password needed.

Now you have to set a password under User Account Settings in the Control Panel. Me personally, I don't like to enter a password every time I start up Windows.


To avoid having to enter a Password go to the Start Button / Run and enter the command:

control userpasswords2


A new Window will appear and here you can select an option that users (do not) have to enter a password during startup.

I am not sure if you have to check or uncheck it but if you read the text you will know.


This way you do not need to enter the password every time you start Windows although the password is active in the background.

This is mandatory for PocketCloud to logon to Windows.


Some other applications (3rd party Backup software) also needs a user account including password to function.



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