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Article: Great Music In A Difficult Environment

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2 hours ago, SQFIRST said:

This is very interesting to read, thank you for sharing. From my own setups which are separate for movie and music using Audyssey for the movie sound, I have noticed a definite difference in experience between the two. The Audyssey measurements take several location inputs which I limit to about 6. I have noticed that the system manages to even out the sound for the different locations. To me this has always felt like a little bit of a compromise compared to my music setup which is arranged for a single listening position. I imagine the theater has a similar setup approach with maybe something more advanced/different than Audyssey but multiple location based. If your home immersive setup is focused around a particular listening position, wouldn't that contribute to the difference as well?


Absolutely. A theater is a tough environment, especially when compared to a dedicated listening room. 

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