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Grandinote Volta - DAC / STREAMER - one of the most analogue and musical sounding out there

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For sale is Grandinote Volta DAC / STREAMER  mk2 version with box.

220-240V version, but can be rewired to 115vac operation.


This device received 143 point rating in germany Audio-Stereoplay magazine. This is level of Esoteric K01XD, MSB stack or Luxman D10X CD players.

This streamer sounds almost like a great analog rig and waaay better than my CEC TL2N + DA-SL combo.


I got it as part of trade and dont use it (i dont play fles at all).

If Auralic, DCS Rossini or Mola mola Tambaqui are too natural for you and you search for more warmer, smoother, tube/analog like timbre close to good old IDLER drive turntables or reel to reel tapes -  buy your self this VOLTA.


To keep it simple  - IMO Volta is similar in sound to Rockna Wavedream NET + Wavedream Signature DAC combo, but still sounds more lush, warmer, closer to the listener with more punch and grip.

I prefer it by small margin over rockna stack.


4500 EUR shipped worldwide.

no negotiations

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