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Very beginner type questions about music servers, especially DIY

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2 hours ago, mike1127 said:

I'm looking into what software I need on the "server" computer (not sure if that's the right term) that will let me browse my collection and start streaming music to the Zen or Aurender. I think HQPlayer can do it. How about JRiver? I already have a license for JRiver on my MacBook.


iFi Zen Stream has built-in HQPlayer NAA support and NAA exclusive mode selectable from the back panel rotary switch.


HQPlayer can have three network entities; the control application (HQPlayer Client, HQPDcontrol, etc), the server component doing actual playback and DSP and the optional network endpoint (NAA) if the DAC is located away from the server.


It can have also fourth network entity, which is input endpoint. Because it can look like a DAC to other hardware sources.


On macOS you can route audio of any other application through HQPlayer using BlackHole loopback driver.


Signalyst - Developer of HQPlayer

Pulse & Fidelity - Software Defined Amplifiers

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