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Very beginner type questions about music servers, especially DIY

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40 minutes ago, dericchan1 said:

Thanks. My suggestion might be something you have not really considered before and would be lower than your budget of $1k

Hardware wise, your mini pc i7 11th gen would be fine or maybe something like a i3 N305 mini pc would suffice. 

You will be much better off spending the money on the hqplayer software  license plus a raspberry pi 4 as a network endpoint - NAA




that will allow you to play your local content, supports qobuz within the app and with some further setup will allow Amazon hd streaming playback as well.


Hqplayer will improve sound quality because 


1) hqplayer does high quality external upsampling and can convert all your music source to dsd on the fly using your powerful pc, so your dac only takes care of the final digital to analog conversion and not having to worry about using the tiny dac chip of the gustard to do upsampling.


2) with hqplayer, you can take advantage of their network endpoint structure so you don’t have to worry about using lps or expensive power supply for your mini pc. The idea is that you use your dirty nasty powerful pc to do all the heavy duty processing, when it is done, the processed digital tracks/data gets through Ethernet that is transformer isolated of noise, to your network endpoint, which is your raspberry pi 4 - a headless, low noise mini pc, then you connect your raspberry pi 4 to your dac 

hqplayer offers full feature trial version so you can hear the sound quality improvement before paying for the full license 

hope this helps


Not everyone wants spend time hacking at linux with command line. Just saying.

Current:  Daphile on an AMD A10-9500 with 16 GB RAM


Pre-amp - Rotel RC-1590

Amplification - Benchmark AHB2 amplifier

Speakers - Revel M126Be with 2 REL 7/ti subwoofers

Cables - Tara Labs RSC Reference and Blue Jean Cable Balanced Interconnects

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