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Ian Canada streamer UC Pure clocks

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Up for sale is my Ian Canada streamer components including the PI4 Modb

Selling everything together as a set - at this stage
i'm not willing to break these up sorry. 

This is by far the best digital transport i have heard by
a long margin. Reason for sale is that i've just purchased
a garrard 301 turntable and investing more in the analog side.

I've included the prices paid for each component below $1465 USD value.
Wanting $950 USD (Paypal only - buyer to pay fee) price includes shipping EMS post with tracking.
These parts are practically brand new and some are unused grab a bargin :)

All parts were purchased direct from Ian in Nov/Dec 2023.

The Ifi Ipower X has an Au mains plug and will require a plug 
adaptor for USA or UK use (its multivoltage so just req the plug adapter)
These can be purchased from Amazon for approx 18 USD (let me know if you need a link)

The FIFO Q7 also comes with the regular clocks however i swapped
them out for the upgraded Pure clocks after listening to them
for a day or so.

I will disassemble the components then put into the anti static bags
they shipped in from Ian. SCPure clocks will be removed and shipped
in their offical boxes and will re-install the default FIFIQ7 clocks.

** installed on the PI is a licensed Gentooplayer install. I will 
supply the license key to the new owner if required, or install
the software of your choosing ** 

TransportPiAES   $139.00
UcConditionerMkII 5V    $69.00 (unused) (Needs ultracaps board only)
MonitorPi OLED audio display/analyzer    $49.00
Acrylic protection cover of FifoPi stack (Clear)    $8.90
Maxwell Ultracapcitors x2 purchased from mouser  $50 usd
(part no: BCAP0325 P270 S19)
SC-Pure Clock 45.1584MHz    $179.00
SC-Pure Clock 49.1520MHz    $179.00
FifoPi Q7 flagship 768KHz I2S/DSD/DoP FIFO with isolator,three stages re-clocker and dual XO     $189.00
HdmiPi Pro flagship HDMI transport interface    $125.00
UcConditionerMkII 3.3V    $69.00 (Maxwell ultracaps soldered on)
StationPi Pro II (fully finished)    $76.00
PurePi II 5V + 3.3V ultracapacitor/LifePO4 battery power supply combo    $97.00
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB LPDDR4 Quad Core Cortex-A72 64-bit SoC 1.5GHz... with Samsung Pro PLUS 512GB Micro SDXC $100
AEON AH020 Micro HDMI to HDMI Adaptor - 17cm
Ifi IpowerX 5v/3a (upgraded low noise PSU for Pi) $100
additional spare standoffs and screws 
Hookup wire is Neotech Solid Copper Wire (Red) approx $35usd
i purchased 2m and 1m is included uncut.

$1465 USD 
















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