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Article: Audio Fun and New Possibilities With Raspberry Pi 5

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4 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

Yes, and…


HQPe is an option that could satisfy similar needs, but a different way. When I started testing, I don’t believe @Miska had an image for the Pi 5, and I still don’t think he does. 

Actually you don’t need a pi 5. A pi 4 can achieve just that. 

I do involve hqplayer desktop for running convolution but otherwise - very similar approach.


jplay iOS upnp to rpi4 running upmpdcli -> mpd -> hqp NAA input -> hqplayer desktop (runs audiolense convolution)


I even use the same rpi4 running minimserver connected a 2TB ssd for a simple Dlna.


i have also tried using the jriver as upnp renderer and media server in a rpi4 -> hqp NAA out to hqplayer desktop. I did run convolution in hqplayer desktop instead of in jriver tho


I have also tried moode audio as the upnp renderer and Dlna server, which works really well also.


The nice thing about it is that it runs headless and has a nice Wui for configuring alsa and mpd settings, mounting a hdd, enable upnp and Dlna, can all be done on your cell phone… but it is based on Bulleyes so won’t run on bookworm just yet

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