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Article: Let 1,000 Frequency Responses Bloom

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Thanks @Josh Mound for your thoughtful piece. I agree: The reviewer in question's assertive promotion of the Harman Curve as the only correct standard, and his dismissal of alternative preferences, is unethical and misleading. 

As my experience with this hobby has grown, I've found myself increasingly drawn to reviews that compare the item in question with something I already own. For instance, in the realm of headphones, I particularly value reviews that juxtapose the model being discussed with the HD6xx. This preference stems from two reasons: firstly, the HD6xx is widely owned and favored, making it a familiar benchmark for many. Secondly, its affordability means that it's accessible to a broad audience, thereby serving as a universal reference point. From there, it's up to the reviewer to make further comparisons. Similarly, when it comes to IEMs, I see the merit in having a Harman-tuned IEM in one's collection. Given the range of affordable options, this provides a baseline for understanding a particular sound signature, enabling more meaningful comparisons with others' experiences.


Furthermore, I believe that frequency response is not the sole determinant of quality. Factors such as detail / clarity, damping / decay, and coherence/imaging—attributes particularly noticeable in the variance between single and multi-driver IEMs—cannot be fully encapsulated by frequency response charts alone.


While that reviewer's website can be a source of frustration for me, I find myself consulting it occasionally for its measurements, which can be informative. I'm thankful for the presence of other resources (SBAF, @GoldenOne, Danny Ritchie) in the community that also conduct equipment measurements. The less time I need to spend navigating that particular site, the better!

PS - is there a reason we're not naming the reviewer? I feel like we're talking about Voldemort and the Death Eaters here - he who shall not be named! A fun project could be assigning Harry Potter characters to folks in the Audio Industry =)

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