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Article: Let 1,000 Frequency Responses Bloom

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59 minutes ago, bobfa said:

👏👏 @Josh Mound 👏👏


Is there such a thing as 20:20 hearing?



I have two ears, and their ability to conduct sound to my brain are different, not a lot but different.  I have some persistent tinnitus.  I have allergies that mess up my hearing off and on.    What I want is not some vague target.      


The industry spends a lot of time on the “last mile” in an audio playback systems, from AC power to cables, to rooms to speakers.  Who corrects the last 3cm from the air to my brain?


How do I learn what others hear or what is “real”?  I do not know what is real ; I only know what I hear.  The concert halls I have been in are all different, the specific location I sit in is different!  Do I really know what that specific violin sounds like?


I want systems tools that let me tune to ME!  I would love to learn what is real.




Exactly, all the sense do dull over time but hearing and sight are the big ones. My father (94) had hearing loss at small frequency ranges, at specific regions in the hearing spectrum. My mother (91), on the other hand, basically her hearing is done, even with hearing aids, she is practically deaf.


So far, my ears seem to be holding out, but I do try to take care of them - ear plugs at concerts, etc.

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