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Article: It Is The Best of Times . . . Hands Down

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3 hours ago, botrytis said:

I disagree that streaming is a good deal, but I don't stream. Just me.


I respect your opinion, but if you don't state why it is impossible to agree or disagree.


"I don't stream" makes as much sense to me as "video does not belong in my listening room."


If your goal is to support the artists, then the idea that someone avoids streaming when it would afford them access to music they would never otherwise experience makes no sense to me because you are then free to pay for downloads or physical media. Streaming and buying are not mutually exclusive. 


The idea that someone loves to go see live shows but refuses to recreate that experience in their home makes no sense to me either. Audio and video are symbiotic, so again, not mutually exclusive. Example ....  I would probably never listen to an AC/DC album, but watching them perform live is mesmerizing. The energy they bring to a live performance is impossible to experience just listening to them.


I know, off topic..... I'm done




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35 minutes ago, botrytis said:

I support bandcamp because artists get more from it. Labels like streaming because they get more money than the artists do.



fair enough, but put yourself in an artists' shoes


As an artist I get about a penny whenever somebody plays my song on Tidal. However,  I also get exposure to someone that may never have heard of me that may come to my live show or buy something from me. In that sense it is much better than the days I had to get a label behind me to promote me and press my discs and get them into stores and pay disc jockeys to get me airplay. The labels have always had the upper hand and perhaps always will so streaming is just another version of that.


If nobody streams me then nobody will ever hear about me. So as an artist at least I get out there and have a chance, and in today's environment it is one of the few chances I have.






see my system at Audiogon  https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/768



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