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Article: It Is The Best of Times . . . Hands Down

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It is the best of times!  I hope more artists can see their way through eliminating middlemen in their distribution chain.  The tech is there to self-publish.  I know that touring seems to be the way to connect with fans, but I worry that it also requires a lot of spare change.  We all have to learn how to market our wares directly.  We must learn how to leverage the giants to focus on our work.  How can we "use" Facebook, etc., in our own best interest?    


What can artists do?  Publish a lyric snippet on Facebook, Learn marketing, and build your website (ignore the SEO trap). I do not know what exactly will work.  I am still figuring that out for my businesses.



How about an artist's corner at an audio show? Remember that the digital world is GLOBAL! Link to other people's music and sites.





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