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Article: It Is The Best of Times . . . Hands Down

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3 hours ago, botrytis said:

I support bandcamp because artists get more from it. Labels like streaming because they get more money than the artists do.




According to an artist I have talked to about this, she gets paid the most per song from TIDAL, and as far as I know isn't even on Bandcamp but sells her own merch on her website, where I have bought many items. If she felt she would make more on bandcamp, she would be there.


Also, by only using bandcamp, you're intentionally limiting your music choices and ability to discover more artists. For a pittance, streaming from Qobuz or TIDAL,. or Apple Music, etc... opens you up to millions of albums that just aren't on bandcamp.

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1 hour ago, botrytis said:


It depends - TIDAL is NOT ALWAYS the highest. It varies. It depends on Country and tier. On tidal an artist needs to have 80,000 streams in order to get 1000 USD. Avg right now for Tidal is 0.00715 per stream, less than a penny per stream.


How Much Does Tidal Pay Musicians? | Xposure Music



So you're going to argue with the woman who actually puts music on TIDAL and makes music for a living?

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"The limited budget of young people make different technologies and services compete against each other."


This could be said of anything, not just audio, though. You and I were both young once, we didn't wake up one day around age 50 and decide to become an audiophile. At least I didn't. Through the years my playback quality, and cost of equipment, has steadily increased as I bet yours has as well. Likewise, I can't do every hobby or activity I want to do, due to finances as well. I have to decide where to put my funds and what will be most important to me. I bet this is a common decision that most people have to make, regardless of age, perhaps the hobbies even get more expensive too.


Lastly, audio companies make high priced equipment for the same reason car manufacturers make HALO models and race. To get people in showrooms to buy the lower priced models. No one needs a Porsche 918 for 1 million bucks, but that car sure gets interest and bodies in Boxsters/Caymans.

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