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Article: I Wanna Be Sedated, I Mean Forgotten

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Always enjoy your articles and usually find them very informative and helpful. While I enjoyed this one  I have to say that I am not fully in line with your thoughts here. Perhaps you felt like venting and that's allowed as I cannot imagine managing a site and engaging with all as you do.


We have been in the digital age for a long while now. I just realized that my Amazon account is almost 20 years old so there is a lot of data there. Television providers were tracking viewing habits for decades so Netflix et al. are continuing what is done more easily now. Grocery shopping is the same. Vinyl maybe safe (and quite enjoyable) but there are CCTVs all around the stores that can capture habits. 
Point being that we are in the digital system all around unless one is trying to live off grid. Audiophile perspective on this just sounds like we have been behind the curve and recently starting to feel it. I am not trying to minimize the concerns you raised but rather trying to frame it among the competing avenues of personal tracking that we have been dealing with and have gotten used to.  Maybe audiophiles have a very personal, almost sacred love for their hobby and therefore a stronger indignation? Would it be  better if audiophile data was not worth tracking? :)


2023 was the beginning of AI and the usage of correlated data will only increase from here and in ways that cannot be understood as yet but certainly will be changing things.



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On 3/14/2024 at 11:21 PM, The Computer Audiophile said:

I’m not a fan of letting stuff slide just because it has been going on for a while


^ This is the reason you should stay in the game and not do this:


On 3/14/2024 at 11:21 PM, The Computer Audiophile said:

Some days I wish I lived in a one room shack in the middle of nowhere


Thank you for your efforts and the platform that you help the audio community with. 

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