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Article: I Wanna Be Sedated, I Mean Forgotten

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I worked in implementing HIPAA and GDPR.
They really do not provide that much protection. Most of time you can overcome limits by having official data management representative, load of paperwork covering your proceedings and proper contracts with partners. You must inform what and why you are collecting. You must remove data from system if requested. But, nobody reads fine print and 0.000001% of people request data to be removed.


Using fake identity won't help you much, too. You still can be identified by IP address, cookies, supercookies, fingerprinting. Maybe small business can't, but behemoths like Google can definitely associate data from many sources and "marketing partnership".
You can't trust what VPN provider does with info about you. Many VPN services share logs with agencies on request. Well, you really don't know, if your VPN provider is an agency's operation or isn't.
If you have to pay with credit card, then you are owned.

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