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Article: I Wanna Be Sedated, I Mean Forgotten

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Love my digital and my vinyl for different reasons. I don’t see why one needs to choose one or the other. Leaving the sound differences to other forums, I love the tactile aspect of vinyl. I love the huge beautiful album art. I grew up w CDs and cassette tapes in the 80’s and still like the vinyl as much as streaming on Tidal or playing the 4TB of stored music on my Aurender. Both have their advantages. 

I will say 95% of my CDs are all in binders.After ripping them all years back I see no advantage to spinning them. I keep my SACDs and DVDA out for some odd reason - despite all being ripped. 

Ceding some privacy for the convenience of access to tons of great music seems to be a reasonable trade off w streaming media — for me at least. 

Aurender N10--> DCS Bartok w Rossini Clock—>Audio Research REF6 Pre --> Vandersteen M5HPA—>Vandersteen Quatro CT Speakers; AMG Giro Turntable w Lyra Delos Cartridge —> Audio Research Ref 3 PhonoPre

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