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Article: I Bet You’ve Never Heard This … #1

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I’m presently listening to Alhambra!  As Chris ended his review, I too found Alhambra to be “…a feel good album on many levels, and it sounds wonderful”.

The micing of the piano provides full-on wonderful immediacy.  it’s reminiscent of the piano’s immediacy on Tsuyoshi Yamamoto’s recordings on the Three Blind Mice label.  It leaves no doubt as to the piano being a percussive instrument. 

Alhambra’s live venue is quiet during the performance.  Glasses tinkling and background talking, although sometimes adds to the atmosphere of a recording, they also detract from the sonics.  I heard none of that. 

Yup, all-in-all, to paraphrase your review, Alhambra is a feel-good performance, a thoroughly enjoyable experience, made even better by a superb recording and a HDTT transfer.  Besides, Mikey likes it…  -Mike (aka mrmb)    

He Likes It -- Hey, Mikey!.png


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