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Article: I Bet You’ve Never Heard This … #1

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Oh the joys of a well recorded live session!

I accidentally stumbled over my first when I interned in the workshop of the local HiFi store "AudioScan" back in 8th grade.
My mentor (also Peter) played music all day, and this recording easily became my favourite, but I never found it in a record store.

Many years later, during my masters thesis, I suddenly saw the album in a window.
It was the exact same HiFi store, now moved to a different location in town, so I went in to ask if I could buy the album.
They looked quite funny at me, as the album was part of the window display and they only sold eqipment.

I ended up telling my story from 8th grade, and they were so moved (or stunned) that they agreed to part with their window decoration album.
I later learned that "Jazz at the Pawnshop" was a very well know and recognised 'audiophile' live recording. 😄

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