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Lawrence Audio Cello Speakers

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Selling my gloss black Lawrence Audio Cello full range floor standing speakers. If you’re looking at these speakers you know how amazing they are but if you don’t there’s many reviews on line to check out.

The Cello is a five-driver, 3.5-way floor standing loudspeaker. It employs an air motion tweeter, an air motion mid-treble, and 8” woofer and subwoofer units. It also has a rear firing tweeter. The cabinet of the Cello is optimized, both in appearance and acoustic design. Due to its lack of parallel surfaces, this design is also beneficial sonically as it helps reduce standing waves and diffraction allowing the drivers to produce a very clean and pure sound. Ported on the bottom, the Cello delivers surprisingly deep, articulate bass. And the bass reflex underneath the cabinet mean it can be placed near a back wall, making it easier to integrate into your living space.

This is an amazing soundings speaker but please read the reviews.
Pickup is available, no trades, buyer is responsible for shipping & PayPal (F&F) fees if used also Zelle is another option for payment. Please see my 100% feedback on Agon.

The price is $11,000.00

Here are the Specifications:
Design:3.5-way vented-box
Frequency Response:32Hz-40kHz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m):90dB
Impedance:4 ohms (minimum 3.2 ohms)
Power Requirement:50-200W recommended
Tweeter:Air Motion Tweeter (25mm×120mm)
Rear Firing Tweeter: Purified aluminum ribbon tweeter(60mm×8.5mm×0.01mm)
Woofer:2×8″. Aluminum frame, the sandwich cone of Non-woven carbon fiber
Crossover Frequency:700Hz, 1.7kHz, 2.6kHz and 9kHz
Crossover’s Attenuation Slope:Woofer: W1 -12dB, W2 -18dB, Tweeter: T1 -24dB,T2 -12dB, Rear firing tweeter -12dB.
Dimensions (HWD): (49″×11″×18.5″).
Net Weight: 88lbs
Box Dimensions (HWD): (59″×16.5″×25″)/Gross Weight: 115 lbs…..$11,000.00








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