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Article: A Recording Way Ahead Of Its Time

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15 hours ago, firedog said:

Just another example of what we all know: it's not the equipment, it's the skill of the engineer.

In this case, it is an engineer who knew the music intimately and then knew "how to place mics."  I have and prize some of Jerry Bruck's other recordings:

MAHLER:  Symphony No.3
redball.gif Mignon Dunn (Mezzo soprano), Columbia/Barnard Chorus, Riverside Women's Choir, Manhattan School of Music Children's Chorus, Manhattan School of Music Symphony Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by Glen Cortese (Live performance) redball.gif Titanic Records Ti-252 (Two CDs) 

MAHLER:  Symphony No.6
redball.gif Manhattan School of Music Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Glen Cortese (Live performance)
redball.gif Titanic Records Ti-257 (One CD)

Kal Rubinson

Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile


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