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Great speakers at moderate levels

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What speaker / amp characteristics work for listening at moderate to low levels? My current system is a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated / A5 CD Player / Revel M22. This is a terrific match but they really have to be at the "moderate" level to deliver great sound. Suggestions?


As an aside, the A5 CD Player may get phased out. Great CD player but no way to leverage the internal DAC and tube output stage from my Macbok.





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Hey, I got a bud who Mac pro's thru "Airport" to Music Fidelity Per-Amp and Amp to Esoteric, he's always foolin with it, I'll ask him. I am Sony Mid-Fi and Insignia Amp, still learnin,ha!


Vista Ultimate 32 bit/ Intel e5300 cpu/ ECS G41T-M2 mainboard/Diamond XS Dac/line-in to Insignia Amp/ Cambridge SoundWorks meets Infinity RS1001\'s

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