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Article: Digital Signal Processing - The Ultimate Guide To High End Immersive Audio

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One of hybrid approaches could be use of Genelec SAM speakers with GLM software.

It allows for speaker-level bass management with optional 9301B interface (~$1k).
Linear phase from 100Hz up or low latency (~3ms); your choice.

Not as good spec as computer based DSP, but pretty good (and expensive).

You only need Merging Horus or Hapi (depending on number channels) without and DAC cards. DACs are built in to speakers.

If that is not enough, you can optionally use computer based DSP before sending stream to Merging.



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35 minutes ago, The Computer Audiophile said:


Hi @maxijazz Thanks for bringing up this option. It raises some questions I've been thinking about over the weekend. 


If using Genelec speakers with built-in DACs and DSP, where does the volume control take place and how does the user control it? For example, if I'm streaming from JRiver to a HAPI to Genelec speakers. Without an Anubis, the user would have to be physically turning the knob of the HAPI for volume control. 


Also, if volume control is done prior to DSP inside the speakers, is this a big no-no? In my head this is an issue, but I honesty don't know if it plays out this way. 


I've been thinking of putting a DSP box between my Anubis and HAPI, but my hesitation is that the Anubis does volume control and this will reduce resolution for the DSP filters. 



In example, in 8351B_operating_manual_rev_b.pdf, on page 7, there is Figure 12.
It is best option to use Genelec SAM speakers with GLM4 software through GLM kit.
You can get optional volume controller 9301b, that you connect to the GLM kit. It will apply your volume level at "Level  and optional gain" place on Figure 12. 
I have the GLM kit powered by USB2 in my music server (=> whenever i start music server, the GLM kit gets powered at same time).

There is also optional 9101B remote, but it requires GLM4 software be up and running on a computer (if i remember well).
You can control volume directly from GLM4 software using mouse (on-screen slider), but it requires computer and software up and running (which i have headless).


Without the GLM4 software or 9301b volume controller (or newly released 9320A, which is expensive stuff), you must use an analog or digital volume controller somewhere before signal reaches speaker (your Anubis would do).




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