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separate 12v LPS directly powering the 8-pin CPU on motherboard?

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I see that some people have powered their DIY music servers with a separate 12v LPS directly powering the 8-pin CPU on motherboard.


I'd like to try this but I don't know the best way to make the connection. My plan is to use my HDPlex 300w LPS with the 19v rail going to the HDPlex 500w DC ATX to the main 24pin ATX. The adjustable rails, one to the SSD, another to the JCAT net xe card and the 12v rail to the CPU.


Anything I should know or be warned about in doing this? Is it worth it for sound quality? Is there an adapter to convert 2.1mm or 2.5mm plugs from the LPS into the 8-pin CPU connector (because I cant find any)?



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On most MB's the 8 (or 16) PIN EPS connector to the CPU uses the same ground as the ATX connector. My attempt to use TWO Taiko ATX modules failed for that reason.



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