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Article: HARMAN Acquires Roon

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When you put Roon on a Tablet like the iPad, It simply works like a menu.  Find what you like and click on PLAY....it simply cannot get ANY EASIER!!!!    It's even easier than locating the disc, turning on the CD player, put disc into player hit play....It's about 10 times faster and easier....even to an IT Pro!

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ARC is the reason for a network connection.  Roon never required a network connection before ARC.   I got suspended for 90 days from their forum when I made an accusation about having ARC just to gather data on people’s listening habits and the contents of their album collection.    Data has always had a market….but then I got ARC working and appreciated having my entire collection available to me on the road…

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The thing I love about Qobuz is you can be reading, talking or browsing about a particular artist or album and literally be listening within mere seconds!!!   I wish buying them on Roon was just as easy as I do like owning the majority of my collection so if Roon ever disappears I will still have my collection that I enjoy. 

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