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USB to RS232

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I have the opportunity to purchase a Bryston B100 SST integrated amp and was wondering can I use my Macbook pro with USB connected to a RS232 port on the Bryston. I know that there are converters that go from USB to RS232 but do not know if there are an limitations in this conversion or what companies make a quality converter. If anyone could shed some light on this because I really want that Bryston.


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Hi we5:


Not sure what your goals are with the RS-232 port. Generally this port is used to control a receiver or processor remotely via an external system, such as your MacBook. I don't think the RS-232 is used to transfer analog or digital music. I glanced at the Bryston site and that also looks to be the case for the B100 SST also.


A month ago I connected my MacBook Pro to a Sunfire Pre/Pro via the RS-232 portwith a RS-232 to USB adapter box, which you can find for around $20. Because so little data is being transferred, you do not need a very high quality converter.


You need the Bryson control codes and a control program on your MacBook. I found the 4 digit control codes on the Sunfire site (e.g. typing "A15 " could raise volume up one click, etc.). The control program I needed was a simple terminal program; for my system the Mac Terminal did not work so I could have purchased an enhanced Mac Terminal program or use Windows XP terminal program (which I did).


I thought about creating a graphical remote interface on my mac to remotely control the system but got board with the whole RS-232 thing and just went back to using a normal handheld remote control.


Hope that clarifies the RS-232 gig.





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