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Article: The Best Version Of... Cream's Wheels of Fire and Goodbye

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Thanks for this amazing encyclopedic background of Wheels of Fire.  Since I moved into collecting tapes (15ips 2 track), I have been expanding my exposure to rock music, particularly from the analogue era.  Recently I bought a 1/2" tape dub of Wheels of Fire from a recording engineer who has a safety master of the album.  I don't have any vinyl or digital version of the album.  If Josh is interested, I can send him a digital rip I did at 192/24 using my Pacific Microsonics Model Two.  I have sent Chris a few of those of other tapes I have.   DM me if you are interested.    Larry

Analog-VPIClas3,3DArm,LyraSkala+MiyajimaZeromono,Herron VTPH2APhono,2AmpexATR-102+MerrillTridentMaster TapePreamp

Dig Rip-Pyramix,IzotopeRX3Adv,MykerinosCard,PacificMicrosonicsModel2; Dig Play-Lampi Horizon, mch NADAC, Roon-HQPlayer,Oppo105

Electronics-DoshiPre,CJ MET1mchPre,Cary2A3monoamps; Speakers-AvantgardeDuosLR,3SolosC,LR,RR

Other-2x512EngineerMarutaniSymmetrical Power+Cables Music-1.8KR2Rtapes,1.5KCD's,500SACDs,50+TBripped files

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