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Audiowise SRC DX + STORM Reference BNC Cable

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Audiowise SRC DX + STORM Reference BNC Cable

Selling as a set (preferred) Audiowise SRC DX + Black STORM Reference BNC To BNC Cable.
Widely considered a highly recommended upgrade for Chord DACs or the Hugo M Scaler.

Open to selling separately as well.

Both are in good+ to very good condition with slight signs of use. I am the first owner of both. Will happily send up-close photos to anyone interested via PM or WhatsApp.

If I'm not mistaken, the Audiowise SRC DX is currently sold out in Europe, so this is a good chance to get your hands on one together with the ultimate 75 ohm digital cable with Oyaide BNC to BNC connectors made by Nick Bacon of Wave High Fidelity.

Why you should consider it?
Using a USB cable into the Audiowise SRC DX and from there a single BNC cable into your Chord Dac will allow you to bypass the far-from-perfect (or "relatively obsolete" as one member stated) Amanero chip controlling the USB input in Chord Dacs and the M Scaler- by this reducing the internal RF produced by the chip itself.

The result?
Many claim to get smoother and more analog sounding, with better vocal and instrument separation and more definition.


About the Audiowise SRC DX:

SRC•DX™ is a revelation for software upscaling: a low RF noise USB to single or dual-coax S/PDIF bridge supporting 705.6/768kHz PCM thats fully compatible with FPGA-based upsamplers and high-end music servers. Eschewing a direct USB-to-DAC interface means the DAC's USB receiver chip is turned off—resulting in less internally generated RF noise. S/PDIF's self-clocking protocol is inherently much simpler than USB and SRC•DX's low power consumption lowers RF noise further still. This helps to elevate the quality of server-based sources so that PGGB, HQPlayer, Roon and other capable software can sound as good as possible. 


Asking 850 Euro + shipping +5% PP fees for both.

Original box/packaging for the Audiowise SRC DX.
The cable comes as is, as I got a small discount from Nick requesting it be sent without a fancy box or bag.



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