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Article: IEM Review - $50 to $100

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On 8/15/2023 at 1:14 PM, JoshM said:

Thanks so much, Bob. If you tell me a little more about any comfort or sound critiques you have of the Cadenza, I’m sure I can give you some upgrade suggestions based on your budget. I have a large number of IEMs that I still haven’t written up, but I can definitely give you a preview of what I think!

@JoshM  I am just getting back from vacation. I use my IEMs in different roles.  One primary role is for listening to Amateur Radio transmissions.  Listening to CW or SSB signals can be very tiring with the background noise and other interference.  If an IEM is at all tiring for music it will not be a good fit for Ham Radio.  Comfort in the ear is also important extended operation happens a lot.  Comfort in the ear is really important.  I often only have one ear in at a time.





Pick one of the SDR radios like this one:




set it to one of the ham bands and use SSB or CW



I also use them for some video and audio streaming but the AirPods Pro 2 fill that gap rather nicely so not as often. 

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