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Hey I just purchased a darkvoice 337 and recently auditioned it against my friends singlepower extreme and we both agreed that it definitely had better sound quality. The bass had much more presence with a punch than the singlepower, the mids were liquid in quality and because the darkvoice is a dual mono i am able to use each of the volume pots to perfectly position the soundstage. I was using AKG 701's for the audition which sounded amazing through both but the darkvoice truly widened the soundstage and gave much more bass presence to these bass light cans. As the extreme costs a little over a grand where as the darkvoice is only 730 with shipping from china. Just figured I'd put my two cents in for those of you looking for high end audio without giving your entire wallet over. This forum explains it all as the darkvoice has been compared to almost every amp available, http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/darkvoice-337-review-219504/ Check it out!


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